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MakSim - Do You Know? Sözlerin İngilizcesi

I got so used to living through you alone, through you alone
Greeting the dawn and sensing that you will not wake up with me
It became much easier for me to breathe at the open window
And to repeat only one thing to her…

Do you know I walked barefoot
Along night roads not caring about my feet?
His heart is now in your hands.
Do not lose it and do not break it

In order not to carry along night roads
Love's ashes in my arms, I am beating my feet until they bleed. (lit: to blood)
His pulse is now in your eyes.
Do not lose it and do not break it

And, in January, may grey rain beat on his window
May he not hug me but remember all the same
And may he inadvertently exclaim my name aloud
And may he keep quiet what he remembers all the same

But outside the window, the damned rain burns out the lamps.
My gentle boy, forgive me for this trembling
And although through tears I whispered quietly "Good-bye"
Do not forget, do not forget

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